‘It’s a Harry and Meghan show’: UK slams ‘Queen of the World’ docu

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he British were left disappointed after the much-awaited documentary Queen of the World about Queen Elizabeth II was aired in the United Kingdom on Wednesday.

The trailer of the documentary shows Meghan Markle looking at her white wedding dress and saying “fifty-three countries. Oh my goodness, it will keep us busy”. We also got to see a glimpse of Prince William and Harry in the 35-second trailer.

Meghan’s accent and too much of her in the video became the talk of the town. A twitter user dubbed the documentary as “the Harry and Meghan show”. Fans said the video had “far too much Meghan” and “not enough Queen”.

Frustrated social media viewers were quick to vent their views, with one user tweeting: “So far this program is just about Meghan. Where’s the actual Queen?”. Some even claimed that the Duchess of Sussex appears to be losing her American accent in the film.

Another twitter user wrote, “Erm thought this was about The Queen? Seems like a Meghan PR piece to me,” one wrote.

Another angry tweeple wrote, “Firstly not much about the Queen so far and secondly you’d think Harry was next in line to the throne and not Prince Charles and Prince William. What is this, the Harry and Meghan show?”

This is how twitterati reacted to ITV’s documentary Queen of the World: