It took him 29 years to make the crooked system see reason

Betal was recruited as jail guard in 1989 but denied appoinment. Now, the MP State SC Commission has recommended that Rs 50L be paid to him as compensation. But his ordeal is far from over

Gwalior: Betal Mahor, resident of Pinto Park in Gwalior, had applied for direct recruitment as guard in the MP Government’s Department of Prisons way back in 1989. He was 34 then. After clearing test, he was awarded the 12th position in the merit liscdft.

But he was not appointed as there were only 11 vacancies. However, a month later, the department again advertised posts of jail guard and some candidates from the previous list were appointed but not Betal.

Government said he was not eligible

Betal Mahor decided to fight against the injustice. He fought his battle that began with the jail department and finally reached the Supreme Court.

The government said he was not eligible. The High Court and the Supreme Court dismissed his plea. But Mahor did not accept defeat.

In personal life, Betal fought against poverty and personal tragedy when his only son was killed by some anti-social elements four years back.

RTI came to succour

Finally he took help of Right to Information (RTI) and got necessary evidence about his eligibility. He approached MP State Commission for Scheduled Castes in 2017 and it ordered payment of Rs 50 lakh compensation to him about one and half month back.
The RTI Act came in force in 2007. Betal sought records of the entrance examination under RTI and by 2012, he had collected all the necessary documents.

Crossed age limit

The then Director General of Prisons conceded that he was eligible for the job but by that time he had crossed the age limit. However the MP State Scheduled Caste Commission ruled that the jail department had done injustice to him and so he deserved compensation.
Jail Department to challenge Commission’s order

But the battle of Baital is not over yet. Sanjay Chaudhary, DG (Prisons), said Betal was neither in the government service nor there has been any lapse on the part of the jail department. ‘We shall challenge Commission’s verdict in the high court’, he said.

First win

I fought against the system for 29 years. Finally they had to accept that injustice had been done to me. But the government will not give what I deserve so easily. I’ll have to fight my case in the high court. This is my first win and I’m determined to get what I deserve before I die. (As told by Betal Mahor)

(Story: Abhishek Sharma)

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