Is Ranveer Singh gearing up for a November wedding with Deepika Padukone?

Mumbai: The next big wedding in B-town we are all set to witness is undoubtedly that of Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone. Swirling rumours suggest that both actors have told their immediate staff to not take any leaves between October to December.

While there is yet not confirmation from either stars about getting married, we hear that Ranveer is all set to reportedly finish shooting for “Simmba” in one go from start to end.

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Says a source, “Ranveer has put in a request to Rohit Shetty to wrap up filming “Simmba” as soon as possible once they start filming in June. He has allotted dates so that he can complete filming all his scenes at one go. Reason being, Ranveer wants to stay entirely free in October and November which is when Ranveer and Deepika are planning to tie the knot.”

Sources also indicate that Ranveer will not be taking any assignments for November and December thereby keeping himself completely free. It is believed that he will go the Sonam way and stay mum about their wedding until the day arrives.