Invest in your body

Vishal Verma

The official month of resolutions and fitness! Unfortunately, more than one of two people who adopt a workout programme in January tend to abandon it within 6 months. Here are 7 tips to keep you motivated:

Set clear goals

First you have to determine what you want to improve. Your health? Your appearance? Your goal will be the basis of your training and will involve different methods whether you just want to get in shape or you want to lose weight. It is always better to set modest goals and achieve them, than to set overly ambitious goals and get discouraged before reaching them.

Plan your workout session

Working out only when we have available time is simply destined to fail. We always have something better to do! That is why you need to plan special times that you schedule to your agenda, and most importantly, respect them at all costs. Keep a diary where you can register what you have done in terms of duration, intensity, repetitions, etc. This will allow you to track your progress, thereby greatly increasing your motivation, but also planning the content of your next session.

Choose something you like

It is important to choose physical activities because we love them and not because we believe that we must do them. You can take a walk one day, bicycle another day and play tennis with a friend during the weekend. Physical activity may thus seem to you less of a daily routine and therefore less boring. Also remember to choose activities near your home and your work. Travel time can weigh heavily in the balance and if it takes you one hour to get to the gym, you may drop it pretty quickly.

Find a training partner

By having someone to train with, you will be more disciplined and less likely to cancel a session because someone is counting on you. This will also allow you to share goals together and encourage each other to push further. 

Reward yourself

Do not hesitate to reward yourself every time you reach a goal. A reward does not necessarily mean to derogate to your healthy lifestyle. A reward can take many forms such as a massage, a weekend trip, a new dress or dinner in a good restaurant. Regardless of what it is, you have to find something that makes you happy and allows you to reward yourself, knowing that you worked hard for it and you’ve earned it.

Get enough rest

Sleep is the key. You need enough rest to have energy to exercise and then after a workout, sleep plays an important role in the recovery process by helping to rebuild muscle tissue. Your level of fatigue also plays a big role in your motivation level to exercise. If you feel weak and tired after your work day, you will definitely not want to move. You must prevent such a situation by paying particular attention to your sleep.

There are 365 days this year. Each and every day is a chance to improve yourself. So don’t waste valuable days! Work hard to get better and to improve yourself in and out of the gym!

(The author is the owner of Vishal fitness planet)