Innovative teaching methods of Bihar teachers: Opened imaginary bank in school, children are staff & customers

Muzaffarpur: The innovative teaching methods have changed the world of schoolchildren in Bihar’s Muzaffarpur district. Now the children talk in English, make their life colourful through drawings and learn the language with the help of English words written on the walls. These are the innovative ideas of teachers Tanveer Aalam, Ganesh Jha and Sita Kumari.

To develop children’s interest in English, Tanveer Aalam opened an imaginary bank in the school. The children play the roles of cashier, manager and customer. The children have to speak in English. The children learn the banking system and the usage of words commonly used in banks daily.

Ganesh Jha wrote English words commonly used on plain papers and then pasted them on walls. The Hindi meaning of the words was also given so that the children do not have any problem in understanding the meaning of the words.

Drawings made by children are pasted on walls

Sita Kumari gave the task of making drawing to students. These drawings are pasted on school walls. Girl students are also taught knitting, sewing etc.

The Union Ministry of Human Resource Department will honour all the three teachers at function to be held in Delhi on March 14.