Indore/ Name Rahul, surname Gandhi; due to this reason neither SIM was issued nor loan approved

Indore: For Rahul of Indore in Madhya Pradesh his full name has become a pain in the neck. Rahul whose full name is Rahul Gandhi is often teased by people who wonder whether his ID is fake. While no company is ready to sell this 23-year-old a mobile or a SIM, others refuse to give him a bill with his name on it.

Perturbed by this he has now started using the surname Malaviya which is actually the community to which he belongs. Rahul’s father Rajesh Gandhi is a garment trader. He resides in Akhand Nagar area on Aerodrome Road. 

No mobile company giving SIM in his name

He confirmed that no company is giving his son a SIM. The company refuses to give the SIM after seeing his name on the document. Finally they had to purchase a SIM in his younger brother’s name. When they go to buy mobile or any other goods, the bill is not made in his name.

They have to use his younger brother’s name in all works related to the document. Recently when he applied for the loan and the bank declined, he became very upset. Now he uses Malaviya as his surname. They are now making changes in all the documents.

Loan staff laughed on hearing his name

When Rahul made a call to a company to take a car loan, he received a favourable response at first. When they asked for his name and he said it was Rahul Gandhi, the loan executive laughed. She even made fun of him saying when Rahul Gandhi had come to Indore from Delhi? Finally she even cut the call as she thought someone was playing a prank. 

Started using Gandhi after people addressed his father by the name

Rahul’s father Rajesh was a waterman in the BSF. There they used to address him as Gandhi. Rahul said that for this reason his father too had started using surname of Gandhi with his name. Later, he got Rahul’s name written in school with the surname Gandhi. For the last 23 years, he has been using the surname in most marksheets and documents.

(Story by Gaurav Sharma)