Indore IT company has all facilities for staff usually available in best clubs

Indore: Creche for children, music hall, facility to play indoor games, gymnasium. All these facilities are not available in a club but the office of an IT company in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore.

There is no fixed time for the staff to come to the office that began its operations recently in Indore’s New IT Park. The employees can also sleep if they get tired during work.

The company has made all arrangements to keep their IT experts relaxed and in cheerful mood. A free creche facility for the female staff has been provided, and they can keep a watch on what their child is doing as the CCTV cameras make live streams on their mobiles.

The employees can play indoor games during work. There is a laughter room and musical hall and a rest room to rest and sleep if the employee feels tired or sleepy.

Company was established by 3 friends in Indore 15 years back

Three friends of Indore, Amit Agrawal, Kuldip Kundal and Abhishek Parik had started the company 15 years back from a flat at Racecourse Road.

Today this company does business in over three dozen countries, has offices in four countries and its customers include over 200 companies. There are 800 employees in its Indore office and there is a target to provide employment to 2000 unemployed persons.