Indore/ Children are affected when they see their mothers disrespected at home: Javed Akhtar on rising rape incidents

Indore: Famous lyricist Javed Akhtar said in a conversation with Bhaskar that the increasing economic inequality in the society and the wrong way of treating women in our families are largely responsible for the increasing incidents of rape of girls and women.

These incidents have increased for the last four-five years, but the situation has crossed all limits. It seems like these people are taking revenge on something. Like you want to destroy something. For the last four or five days, one question is not letting us sleep, but this issue is not of today. I have spoken about this in Parliament also. After telling everyone, I was given a chance too.

I said that listening to the speeches of all the officials, it seems as if four blind people are telling what an elephant is like. For the one who has caught the leg, the elephant is like a pillar, for the one who has caught the tail, the elephant is like a rope.

“I think we don’t know the cause yet. If we do not know the cause then how will we treat? First of all, tell us how much respect is there for the women in our society. This is the root of the misdeeds. The most important woman in the world for a boy is his mother. If he sees her getting disrespect, then he thinks that when she is not getting respect then no woman deserves to be respected. He is affected by the condition of the women in the homes.”

Javed said further, “There are crores of boys in India today who do not talk to a young girl except his sister. When you do not have access to something, you fantasize about it. In the same fantasy, children are getting sex education through porn films today, which is not right.”