Indian-born Dutch skater Anice finally makes emotional journey to Mumbai

New Delhi: Indian-born Dutch Olympic skater Anice Das has finally made the “emotional” journey to India, a trip of a lifetime which is not just about finding her biological parents but also about “connecting” with her birthplace Mumbai. It has taken Das and her twin sister 32 years to visit India. The two sisters were just eight months old when they were adopted by a Dutch couple who raised them “like any proud parent would”.

“It is something we had to do. Our parents (back in Netherlands) wanted us to do this when we reached the right age to do it on our own. We finally decided that this would be the two of us with a dear friend from the Netherlands (also adopted from Mumbai) who knows our city well,” Das said. She has already made headlines in India due to her roots but she is not happy that the focus is only on her biological mother. She has been here for a week but has not been able to make much headway into the whereabouts of her parents.