India vs West Indies: Virat Kohli not impressed with Jadeja’s funny run-out

Rajkot: Virat Kohli was angry when Ravindra Jadeja took his time to run out Windies top order batsman Shimron Hetmyer during Day 2 of the first Test at the Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium in Rajkot. Captain Kohli was left quite unimpressed with Jadeja when he displayed a casual approach whipping the bails.

On the penultimate delivery of the 12th over, thinking a single was possible, Ambris and Hetmyer went running down. But seeing the ball safe on Jadeja’s hands Hetmyer decided to run back to his own crease, while Ambris had already crossed the halfway line of the pitch.

Since Ambris was in no position to return, both the batsmen found themselves at one end. During this confusion, Jadeja had already started jogging towards the bowler’s end and wanted to have some fun. He was looking around and didn’t realise that Hetmyer was still running to reach the non-striker’s end. As teammates screamed at him, he instantly threw the ball at the stumps and run out Hetmyer.

This comical run out became the talk of the town on social media. Fans were left impressed by Jadeja’s confidence, if by chance Jadeja failed to whip off the bails, he would have been trolled on social media.

One of the fans said, “This is surely in the category of Funny run outs…Inzy bhai category 😉 #Jadeja casually jogged towards the stumps, before taking his own sweet time to knock the stumps… lol.”