(In Pics) Gujarat / Nilanshi Patel betters her own Guinness record with 6 feet 3 inch long hair

Lifestyle Desk. 17-year-old Nilanshi Patel has broken her own Guinness record of the world’s longest hair. Recently, she has once again entered the Guinness World Record for the world’s longest hair. She hails from Modasa, Gujarat and has a hair length of 6 feet three inches.

For the last 11 years, Nilanshi has not even trimmed her hair. She decided not to get a haircut after an incident at the age of 6.
Born on 6 August 2002, Nilanshi first enrolled in the Guinness Book in November 2018. During an event in Italy, her hair was five feet seven inches in length. She achieved this title by breaking the record of a teenager from Argentina.
Her name was recorded again in the Guinness Book in September 2019 with an increased length of 6 feet 3 inches. Nilanshi, the only daughter of teacher couple Brijesh Patel and Kaminiben Patel, is a resident of Saira village in Modasa. She is a Class 12 science student at a school in Modasa.
Nilanshi says that when she was 6 years old, the hairdresser did not cut her hair properly, so she decided that she would never cut her hair. She says that people like her a lot and she feels like a celebrity. People like to take selfies with her wherever she goes.
Nilanshi wears high-heel sandals to keep long hair away from the ground. She says that she rinses them once a week for hair care. Oiling them twice a week, mother Kaminiben helps her in grooming it. She mostly sits in the sun to dry her hair. If this is not done then she uses a hairdryer. Most of the time she ties the braid, except during sports activity and swimming.