In MP’s Raisen people come across tortoise while cleaning old pond, animal handed over to forest department

Raisen: The local people and the civic body staff in Madhya Pradesh’s Raisen district were in for a surprise during a drive to clean a small ancient pond.

The 500-year-old pond near Kile wali Pahadi in the city’s ward number 6 was full of silt and foul-smelling water.

The locals narrated this problem to the municipality chairman Jamna Sen and subsequently pond cleanliness drive was launched in which citizens also actively volunteered.

Tortoise handed over to forest department

During digging of the pond, the residents came across a 40 kg tortoise. The tortoise was handed over to the forest department. Sajjad Mansoori and Saeed Mansoori saw the tortoise while cleaning the pond.

People brought the reptile out of the pond and carried it to Mishra Talab on a handcart. However, they did not release it there in view of its safety. Later the forest department was informed.

Beat in-charge SK Shukla arrived on the spot. He said the tortoise is about 20-year-old and weighs more than 40 kg. He said it would be released at a suitable and safe location.