In a first, Diwali to be celebrated at Niagara Falls

Toronto, Canada: On October 14, one of the world’s most iconic tourist attractions, Niagara Falls will host Diwali with fireworks. The celebrations for festival of lights would be oragnised by the non-profit Indo-Canadian Arts Council (ICAC), with support from the Niagara Parks Commision.

However, it will be held on October 15, three weeks before the actual schedule for Diwali, i.e. November 7, due to extremely cold weather conditions in Canada, which makes it impossible to organize an outdoor event. 

“That’s one drawback of being in Canada, it gets very cold!” ICAC’s founder-director Ajay Modi said.

Modi was fascinated by the decision of Niagara Parks Commision for allowing ICAC to organize the very first Diwali celebration at iconic spot. He said, “CAC has been working with local authorities over the past couple of years to make the objective a reality”.

With event aiming to draw nearly 50,000 visitors, there will be several heartwarming performances including “Ramlila” by differently-abled people.

He expects the Diwali celebration to be viewed by a large number of people, not just visitors to the Canadian side, but those across the border in the US, as the waterfall lies between the Canadian province of Ontario and the American state of New York.

The celebration is scheduled to start with cultural programme in afternoon, followed by fireworks in evening.