IIT-B students don’t want PM at institute’s convocation

A group of students has questions for the PM on his silence on hate crimes.

Mumbai: Students of the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay have released an official statement opposing the invitation sent to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The invitation was sent to PM Modi to attend the convocation ceremony as a guest of honour.

“The invitation to Narendra Modi, prime minister of India, as a guest of honour in this year’s convocation, has raised concern among several students which we would like to share with the larger body of students, academicians and people in general,” the statement read.

The students have questioned the contribution of the ruling government in the field of higher education and other important social issues that affect the social harmony and fundamental rights of the Indian population. It also added that the motive behind the invitation was a matter of concern for the IIT students.

The students said that they will not carry out protests or stop the Prime Minister from entering the campus.

However, they do have certain questions that they wanted to raise to PM Modi.

The statement said that there are a lot of issues which affect even the privileged students from the IITs.

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