Ignoring mobile ring while driving can save 2,100 lives every year

New Delhi: A simple decision can save around 2,100 lives, which are extinguished on the roads in the country every year. Just decide that you will ignore the ring of your mobile phone while driving.

According to Union Surface Transport ministry data, in the year 2016, using mobile while driving was the primary cause of 4,976 road accidents, in which 2,138 people died while 4,746 were injured. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), the chances of a road mishap quadruple if the driver is using a mobile phone while driving.

A survey conducted by TNS India covering 1,749 respondents in Delhi, Chennai, Jaipur, Bengaluru, Mangalore, Kanpur, Mumbai and Kolkata revealed that:

  • 47% people receive calls while driving
  • 60% don’t stop their vehicles while speaking on mobile phones
  • 20% drivers had a narrow escape while chatting on phone
  • 34% drivers apply brakes suddenly while driving, if they are on a call

Major accidents in which mobile was the culprit

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8 September 2016: Bus fell into a gorge while the driver was on phone. All 19 occupants killed

20 October 2015: Driver was searching for a number in his mobile in Udhampur in J&K when he lost control over the vehicle. Fourteen killed.

24 July 2014: Driver was talking on phone in Andhra Pradesh. Bus skidded off the road, killing 20 children onboard.[/box]