IAF’s MiG 27 crash: Why the aircraft with ‘technical defects’ is still in service

New Delhi: An Indian Air Force (IAF) pilot has been reported to be safe after a MiG-27 aircraft crashed near Jodhpur on Tuesday.

The defence spokesperson informed that the pilot ejected safely at the time of crash — which took place during a routine sortie.

Following the accident, the IAF has ordered a Court of Inquiry into the incident, which is the third mishap involving its ageing MiG-27 fleet in the past year.

Active MiG-27’s

While India has retired its MiG 27ML squadrons, two Jodhpur-based squadrons are still in service with upgraded MiG-27.

Recent MiG-27 accidents

  •  In June, a MiG 27 aircraft during routine mission crashed in a residential area in Jodhpur this year. With the pilot ejecting minutes before the accident, two houses and a vehicle in the vicinity suffered major damages but no loss of life was reported.
  • In November last year, the tyre of a MiG-27 aircraft burst while landing, following which it got stuck in the runaway in Jodhpur.
  • In the last 10 years, over 90 fighter jets, including 11 MiG-27s, have crashed, a report tabled in the Parliament said.
  • Inquiries have revealed that majority of the MiG-27s went down because of “technical defects”.

IAF accidents in 2018

  • In July, a MiG-21 aircraft crashed near village Patta Jatian in Jawali area of Kangra district in Himachal Pradesh, killing the lone pilot.
  • In June too, an IAF Jaguar fighter aircraft crashed at Beraja village near Mundra in Kutch district, killing the pilot.