IAF begins operations to look for survivors in the wreckage of AN-32 aircraft

A day after the wreckage of the missing IAF An-32 aircraft was spotted in the dense forests of a remote area in Arunachal Pradesh; Indian Air Force, Army and the civil administration of Arunachal Pradesh started a massive operation on Wednesday to reach the crash site.

The Indian Air Force (IAF) has started with its operations to look for survivors in the wreckage of the missing An-32 that was spotted in Arunachal Pradesh on Tuesday.

The difficult terrain with dense forests has made it difficult for rescuers to proceed with the operations. A challenging task lies ahead for the IAF in trying to look for survivors.

According to an IAF official, the jet crashed on a densely covered ridge and if it requires for the rescue personnel to cross the ridge, it will turn out to be even more difficult to reach the wreckage.

Meanwhile, family members of the 13 IAF personnel who were travelling in the fateful aircraft continue to wait patiently in Assam for any news from the search party.

Despite having identified the wreckage of the An-32 on Tuesday afternoon, the Cheetah helicopter and an ALH chopper that were conducting the searches could not land at the crash site due to high elevation and dense forest.

However, the nearest landing site has been identified and the rescue operation by helicopters began this morning.

The search was difficult because of the tough terrain and bad weather. The spot where the plane had been flying is mountainous and heavily forested; landing and take-off at Mechuka are extremely difficult. Coupled with erratic weather, the region is among the world’s most inhospitable for air transport.