I wanted to abandon everything and disappear into thin air: Palash Sen

Mumbai: From a Bollywood star like Deepika Padukone to king of comedy Kapil Sharma – celebrities have come out in the open and spoken about a phase in their lives when they felt lonely and depressed. One more celebrity who’s mustered up the courage to speak up about depression is the ‘Kabhi Aana Tu Meri Gali’ singer Palash Sen.

Recollecting the sad phase of his life, the frontman of Euphoria band says, “It happened eight-nine years ago, when I didn’t get any support in terms of my career. No music company wanted to collaborate with me, no tie-ups with the radio stations were happening. My career was going nowhere, and it affected my bank balance. I was broke.”

His depressed state of mind gave him pessimist thoughts, “There where times I thought that I should abandon everything and just leave without telling anyone where I was going. One of the main reasons that led me to this disturbed state of mind were my bandmates. I had a problem with a few, there were clashes, we didn’t get along.”

However, his other bandmates helped Palash bounce back, “They have been really supportive of me. I am thankful to god that he saved me, he pulled me back from the sink hole. The thing is that we think a lot about ‘log kya kahenge’, I realised that instead of thinking about what society is thinking about me, I should start focusing upon myself.”

During his depressed phase, did Palash consult any psychiatrist? Says Palash, “I am a doctor myself and so I never thought about going to a psychiatrist. Frankly, this is what scared me all the more. I am an educated person and that too a doctor, being a literate and a well-read man I was surprised and shocked that I went into depression and thought of abandoning my life.”

Interestingly, it’s this phase of his life that helped him to come up with his latest song. “It’s called ‘Main Hoon’. It’s about me and my self-discovery. It’s part of a web-series called SOS: Surviours of Suicide,” he says.

Up next, Palash says that he is working on a new album called ‘Different Shades of Love’ which will release in August.

Onkar Kulkarni