I-T refund messages that make money vanish from your accounts

Shimla: Cyber thugs have invented a novel method to cheat unsuspecting people. They send fake message about income tax refund. As soon as the people click on the URL and share their bank details and other information the money is withdrawn from their account.

Alert issued

Police have issued statewide alert after receiving complaints. They have cautioned people not to share any information and not to click on the URL if they receive any income tax refund message.

I-T Dept doesn’t ask people to update or verify account

Police said the income-tax (I-T) department never asks people to verify or update their account. People have been advised to complain to State Cyber Crime Police if they get any such message.

Fraudsters’ modus operandi

[box type=”info” align=”” class=”” width=””]The cyber fraudsters cheat people by sending fake messages that say: Your I-T refund has been approved. The refund amount would soon be credited to your account

A five-digit bank account number of the receiver is mentioned

The message says: If this information is wrong then immediately click on the link given below and update your bank record.

In the name of verification of account, a URL is given at the end of message and the receiver of the message is asked to click on it.

Those who click the link, lose money from their accounts[/box]