I need to free myself from seeking reservation: Taapsee Pannu

[dropcap]N[/dropcap]o matter how much we talk about the development of women and the need for change in the current scheme of things, the truth is that patriarchy still prevails in our society. People just do not want to accept a woman as their counterpart. And this patriarchy rears its ugly head at each step of our lives, says actor Taapsee Pannu.

But does that mean we should ask for reservations, or quotas at workplaces? I am of the opinion that reservations do not give a woman the status of equal opportunity.

Quotas, to the contrary, prove that a woman in incapable and cannot achieve anything through her own calibre. But, in all this noise of gender discrimination, we forget that even our Constitution says that everyone is equal.

Being a woman and a celebrity, I do not think a woman needs any reservation to get equal opportunities. We just need to be treated as equals. Do not deprive a woman of any opportunity just because she happens to be  a woman.

On the other hand, I would want to tell woman never to ask for any favour or reservation to get somewhere in life.
If they think they can achieve something, they have to get it with their own capability. I think we can claim to be a developed society only when this particular change occurs at every level.