I don’t want Aryan and Suhana to take anything from film industry: SRK

Mumbai: Shah Rukh Khan wants his kids Aryan and Suhana to learn the craft of acting and filmmaking before entering the industry. The superstar is also hopeful that his kids will return to the industry whatever he (SRK) has taken.

Talking to Dainik Bhaskar, SRK said, “I want both my kids to return to the film industry all that I have taken. I have taken everything from the film industry. I donit want my kids to take anything. I want them to return all that I have taken.”

While both his kids are interested in being part of Bollywood, Suhana is more keen on being an actor.

“Suhana wants to be an actor. But acting is not just in films. You can act in other mediums too. When we say acting people think acting is only in films and Bollywood. That is not true. There are many other mediums where you can act. Suhana wants to be an actor. She doesn’t want to be only a film actor. I will be happy if she chooses films. But I will be equally happy if she chooses theatres to act or street plays or digital medium or even solo plays. As an actor you have to satisfy yourself with the kind of acting you want to do.”

SRK, however, wants Suhana to learn the craft first. “She needs to study if she wants to know the craft. I am a big believer of learning. So first, you need to learn, hone your craft and then spend some time finding something new to say as an actor. You have to learn new expressions, and new expressions will come with experience. So she is finishing her school and will learn acting for 3 or 4 years and then whichever platform she wants to choose for acting, I will be happy with it.”

Speaking about Aryan, SRK said, “Aryan is interested in making films. He has two more years of studies left and then he will hone his craft for 4 to 5 years.”