I don’t care about Friday box-office: Imtiaz Ali

Mumbai: Imtiaz Ali has over the years mastered the art of remaining unaffected by the Friday box-office. Imtiaz, whose last few releases have had a mixed response at the box-office, feels it is best to remain neutral to praise and criticism after one’s movie releases at the box-office.

Says the director, “I don’t get affected by it in spirit. I actually don’t care. If a Friday box-office brings in good numbers there is a certain situation and if it doesn’t bring good numbers there is a certain situation. If a film does well, people praise you and you have to say thank you and move on. But if it doesn’t do well, you have to listen to what people say and move on too. I believe once a gun is fired, the bullet will not come back. So why think about it too much once it has released?”

Imtiaz is now backing two new talents with Laila Majnu that he is presenting. “I genuinely feel Avinash and Tripti are very talented newcomers in our industry,” said Imtiaz.