‘I am shaadi material’: ‘Luka Chuppi’ actor Kartik Aryan

Mumbai: Katrik Aryan delivered one of the biggest hits of his career with Sonu Ki Tittu Ki Sweety last year, and the actor has since managed to remain in news over the year because of his professional and personal life. In an exclusive conversation, the actor talks about his upcoming film Luka Chuppi and whether things have changed for him over 2018.

Have things change for you over the past one year after Sonu Ki Tittu Ki Sweety released?

My views have not changed; the only thing that has changed is the kind of options I get. I am getting scripts which I always wanted to do, previously I never got an option to choose, so I would try to give my best to the films i did. It took me seven years to reach here.

Thankfully, I started my career when I was 20 and actually my debut film released quickly but my struggling period was on for eight years. It has kept me grounded, so this is also a phase. I am glad that I have seen that struggle — like being called unfit for a role and I have dealt with rejection.

I travelled two and half hours to give my auditions. Staying at Navi Mumbai, I used to take a local train to the audition sites and carry a change of clothes in my bag. I would change my clothes in the washroom and then go for auditions. Then after getting rejected I would travel for two and half hours again to reach home. I did not even have money to buy tickets. I was in a very bad situation when I was struggling.

Now, I have shifted my parents with me here. In terms of films, I am getting to meet directors who I always wanted to work with. I can talk to them and plan my next films with them. I was not even allowed to sit with them in the past and reaching to them too was difficult. Now, I thank God that I have reached this position. Sonu Ke… film has changed my life.

How did you get Luka Chuppi?

I really liked the script of this film. Normally, I hear a narration and prefer to read the script again. But I had made up my mind when I first heard the script of Luka Chuppi from Dinesh Vijan, Laxman Utekar, and Rohan Shankar (writer of the film).

It is a fantastic script. But it was tough for me to take the decision. I took six months to choose my next film after Sonu Ki Tittu Ki Sweety. Before that I heard scripts which were commercial but either I did not like them, or I would feel that it wasn’t commercial. I aspire to become a commercial actor. I wish to do films which have a good mix of commercial aspect and good content.

How was it working with Kriti Sanon?

I was signed for the film before Kriti, but I could connect with Kriti immediately. We were never really required to break the ice. She is bindaas like me, so we could gel well. It was the fastest film I have ever shot — in 40 days. We share a good on-screen chemistry too. And since we shot the film in my hometown Gwalior, I took her to different places around the city. 

The film focuses on live-in relationships, are you open to live-in with your partner in future?

I have no issues with live-in relationships. I have been in relationships, but live-in is something I would do with someone only if I am convinced about it. It is the next level of commitment. Otherwise I am the kind of a person who believes in getting married. I am a shaadi material.

But if I am dating a girl and she wishes to stay in live in relationship, I would be fine with it. It is not a big deal for me. We are living in a time where it is not a big issue. It is not a bad thing, but personally if you ask me I would want to get married instead of living-in together.

I have noticed that my family has always been fine with my decisions so they would not object to it. They respect my decision and we mutually decide what needs to be done.

Initially, I used to be afraid that how will they react and that is the reason I never told them that I wanted to be an actor. My life was different, my parents and sister were in Gwalior, so we could not afford this lifestyle. I came here for studies and kept giving auditions. I didn’t want them to feel pressurised.

(Story by Sonali Joshi Pitale)