‘I am being made a soft target,’ said Dalip Tahil, after being arrested for drunk driving

Mumbai: Senior actor Dalip Tahil, who was arrested and released on bail after his car rammed into an autorickshaw on Sunday night at Khar allegedly injuring two passengers, says that he has been made a soft target.
“No one was hurt. The police have vouched for it. It was a minor accident blown out of proportion. Just because I am an actor, they have made me a soft target. My car just touched the rickshaw, and I wasn’t trying to flee. It was Ganesh Visarjan and there was no place to park. The passengers were not hurt. In their medical reports there was not even a scratch. Instead, they instigated a mob against me to drag me out of my car. My life was in danger,” said Dalip.
Reacting to reports of him being drunk, Dalip said, “I wasn’t drunk. I had tested positive for alcohol. There is a huge difference. Police have taken that into account and the case is with them now.”
The accident occurred on Sunday night in Khar when Jenita Gandhi and her friend Gaurav Chugh were on their way home in a rickshaw.