‘I am an actor today, because of Girish Karnad’: Shekhar Suman remembers veteran dramatist

Shekhar Suman got the first break of his career with the film Utsav, and this break was given by Girish Karnad. Today, after the demise of Girish Karnad, Shekhar felt very depressed. In a special conversation with Dainik Bhaskar, Shekhar shared all those memories.

Shekhar said, “I have become an actor today only because of Girish Karnad. He gave me the first break of my life. I remember when I met Shashi Kapoor, Shashi Ji told me to meet Girish Karnad for the role because he was directing the film. Then I called Girishji from a public phone booth. He picked up the phone. I called him Girishji. He told me to address him as Girish and invited me to his house. When I reached his house, the door was opened by his wife Saraswati. Then seeing me, Girishji said to his wife- See your Charudutta has come. Then I thought that I had been selected to play Charudatta. I wanted to thank Girishji for choosing me.”

Talking about the shoot, Shekhar said, “I remember the first day of the shoot was in Mangalore. I was nervous but Girishji said, “Do not think that you are just 23 and Rekha is a senior actress. She is a professional actress. If you have to touch her hand or embrace her then don’t feel shy. Girishji filled me with confidence with these words during the shooting. Unfortunately I was not in much contact with Girishji after that film. Recently seeing him in Tiger Zinda Hai, I thought that he was not keeping well. His death has caused a huge blow to the Indian cinema.”