Huma Qureshi wants Trump to learn some economics!

Bhopal: In the city to launch a premium British apparel brand on Thursday, Huma Qureshi spoke to DB Post about endorsing brands, going to Hollywood, Trump government and Indian art & culture.

Excerpts from the conversation:

Do you check a brand before endorsing it?

Of course, it’s very important for the celebrity to know the product that they are getting associated with. We need to be sure about the company, its policies and its ideology. It is our image that is at stake and it’s about our responsibility towards our fans.

As far as this British brand is concerned, I have been shopping from them everytime I am in London. They have an amazing basics collection, which you can wear to college or when going out with friends. So, in that space, it’s one of the coolest brands. It has lovely colors, floral prints, the shirts are cool. And they are affordable, too.

What is the process you follow while finding out about a brand?

My team helps me do that. They find out the right brand for me. Personally, I won’t endorse anything:

* which is detrimental to the society

* or regressive towards women

* or against national unity

* or a brand that is regressive

Harley Davidson is an American brand that has now decided to move out of the USA. Trump said that America and Americans will disown the brand if it does that. What is your take?

I think, Trump should be disowned and not the brand. It’s nice that in America so many actors are coming out and speaking up about a leader who is talking rubbish. I am not the only one criticising Trump on his comments, Americans are doing it themselves. Because the idea is very stupid. The world has become one and our economies are super-linked today. The person who speaks like this does not understand economic interdependence. All the countries in the world are economically linked. This is to encourage and develop a relationship beyond borders.

How do you keep yourself updated with the happenings of the world?

I love to read. Newspapers increase my knowledge and travelling definitely teaches you many things. Before moving to a new place I usually try to update myself about its traditions, culture, likings and other basic facts.

People think that going to Hollywood is upgrading yourself…

As an artiste, our job is to entertain people and promote culture. I, for one, believe that as an artiste one should not hold on to this idea. One must go wherever one’s heart takes them and create art. If you make good art, it touches people.

Pakistani artistes are banned here. What do you think about it?

I find it ironic that we have a perfectly fine relationship with England, the ones who were responsible for partition! We don’t mind going to London and seeing their art and knowing about the place, but we can’t resolve our disputes with our neighbour.

Do you think Indian artists should do something about the issue?

We have enough art and cultural issues in our own country, that we need to resolve. We need to promote regional cinema, North-East cinema. Recently I met an Assamese girl who made an excellent movie within a budget of 10 lakh. It was selected for Cannes Film Fest. We need to promote our own talent.

(Story: Tanmay Jain)