How WhatsApp, FB helped nail a thug

Ludhiana: Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and other social media and messaging platforms are being used by scamsters with impunity to perpetrate all kinds of frauds on the gullible, besides, of course, peddling fake news.  However, for a change, Facebook and WhatsApp helped a mobile phone dealer here trace a thug.

Wife’s birthday

Three days back, at around 10 am, the owner of Karan Mobile World located on Chandigarh Road here, received a call on his mobile The caller identified himself as Dr Vipin Chandra from Dayanand Medical College and Hospital (DMC). The caller said that he wanted to gift a Vivo V9 mobile set to his wife on her birthday and that the set should be delivered to him at the hospital.

When the dealer reached the DMC’s parking lot, he got another call from the doctor saying that he is sending a ward boy to escort him inside. He accompanied the ward boy to the doctor’s cabin and was asked to wait outside. After a while, the ward boy came out and told Karan that the doctor had to leave suddenly to perform an emergency operation.

Emergency operation

Minutes later, he received a call from the doctor, who told him the same thing and asked him to handover the mobile to the ward boy. “I will send Rs 42,000 to the shop as soon as I am free from the operation,” the doctor said.

Karan handed over the mobile to the ward boy and returned to his shop by around 12 noon. When the payment was not forthcoming by evening, he again went to the hospital, where he was shocked to learn that the doctor Vipin Chandra comes to the hospital at 1 am.


Having realised that he had been duped, Karan sought footage of the CCTV cameras on the premises of the hospital. One footage showed the ward boy walking out of the hospital.

Karan uploaded the footage on all the WhatsApp groups of which he was a member, seeking help to identify the person. One of the members recognised him as Rajneesh Jain. However, he knew nothing more than that about the man.

Then Karan turned to Facebook and after spending a couple of hours, discovered that the scamster was on the social media platform. His mobile number was also mentioned in his profile.

The police are now on the lookout for Rajneesh Jain. SI Jaspal Singh, posted at the DMC police outpost said that he would be caught soon.