Veere di Wedding: How Rhea Kapoor spotted ‘Tareefan’ singer on Instagram

Jaiti Datta

You hear a song, sing its cover and upload it on Instagram. Sounds like a normal story right? Only, in Lisa Mishra’s case her cover of ‘Tareefan’ was spotted by Veere Di Wedding’s producer Rhea Kapoor, who flew Lisa across the continent to create a reprise version of song! Talk about getting lucky…

The ‘Tarefaan’ song from ‘Veere di Wedding’ had already topped the charts prior to the films release and the movie isn’t far from touching ₹50 crore collection in its first week. While producer Rhea Kapoor and the team were busy with extensive promotions on Instagram, they came across their star singer. Lisa Mishra became a star overnight by singing the reprise version of ‘Tareefaan’.

A YouTuber since the age of thirteen, Lisa has always been uploading mashups and covers of Hindi and English songs. Recently she shared a video where singing a mash-up of ‘Let me love you’ by Justin Bieber and Tareefaan (original) on Instagram. Her video caught the attention of Rhea Kapoor and she re-shared the video on her profile, thus paving young Lisa’s way to Bollywood.


“I owe everything to social media. If not for Instagram or YouTube, I would’ve never been able to reach an audience halfway across the world. It’s connected me to fans for the last 11 years, and is the sole reason I was able to get the attention of Sonam and Rhea Kapoor,” expressed Lisa Mishra.

Despite of being brought up in the States, the Chicago-based singer has sung many Hindi covers, “Our parents are big film buffs, so we were raised on Bollywood cinema and music. The first song I ever sang at age 4 was ‘Jadu Hai’ from Ghulam, so Bollywood music is my lifeblood.”

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When asked what her reaction was on being called on a short notice to sing for a bigger platform, Lisa said, “This whole situation is still so unbelievable… There was no real way to prepare myself. I simply went in and behaved as I normally would. That’s the best way to relieve yourself of the anxiety of being in the company of people you’ve long admired.”

The singer confesses it’s a dream come true to sing for Bollywood, “I didn’t ‘plan’ it, but I am grateful that the opportunity came because I’ve always worked in the hopes that it would happen.”

The newbie plans to bring Rhythm and Blues and a modern skill-set to Hindi music industry. Meanwhile, she will continue with her social media and YouTube channel.

While there are many other young YouTubers, what is it that sets her apart? Says a confident Lisa: “Practice! I always say that aesthetics are the last thing to focus on. At the end of the day, honing your skills (be it vocal or instrumental) is what’s most important and will set you apart from the rest!”