How the makers of movie Super 30 prevented Hrithik Roshan’s film look from getting leaked

One of the sexiest men in the world, Hrithik Roshan often dedicates himself entirely to his films, and these days he is ready for the most anticipated movie of the year.

During the shooting of his upcoming film Super 30 in Rajasthan, producers often used to cover the set with the curtains to prevent Hrithik’s look from getting leaked, so that the actor’s looks could be kept secret.

Due to his immense popularity, Hrithik tried to save himself from the eyes of people and used to reach the film sets in a closed car wearing sunglasses. The shooting of the film has been carried out on the outdoor location. After Hrithik’s arrival on the set, the crew of the film used to cover the set with curtains all around to prevent leak of Hrithik’s looks.

Due to narrow streets, Hrithik Roshan had to walk to the set because his car could not pass through such narrow roads. Fond of experimenting with new places, the actor used to click photos and enjoy his way to the set.

On the last day of the shoot, the public’s favorite actor removed his look and clicked his pictures with his fans.

Hrithik Roshan, who won the heart of audience with his spectacular performance in his films so far, will be seen in the role of a mathematician in his forthcoming film Super 30. He prepares 30 students for the competitive examination of IIT-JEE. The film is set to be released on July 26, 2019.