How Soni Razdan broke the ice between her daughters Shaheen and Alia

Onkar Kulkarni

Mumbai: Alia Bhatt’s mother Soni Razdan is a proud mom with the applaud her star daughter is getting for her last performance in “Raazi”. The film has the mother daughter duo acting together.

Soni is thankful to the project, because of which she got to spend more time with her daughter. Otherwise, the two stay in separate homes, though at a stone’s through away from each other.

“I do miss Alia’s presence in the house,” she says. The ardent mom also remembers the time when she would step in as a saviour between Alia and her sister Shaheen.

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Sisters often get into cat fights, and that is when mothers have to intervene to solve the issue and help them get along well again. “There was a time when Alia and her sister weren’t talking to each other. I got to know that they weren’t communicating with each other for five months! I was really shocked and worried. I wanted to get the two of them together,” remembered Soni.

This is when she planned a Dubai holiday and got the two sisters chatting with each other. “I booked myself in the business class, while I booked economy class for the two of them. During the three hour flight amidst unknown people they had no choice but to be in each other’s company. This is when they opened up and started talking with each other. My plan worked and the five months of bitterness was all gone,” beams Soni.