How Londoners trumped the US President

London: Even as thousands of Londoners took to the streets and joined the third day of protests against Donald Trump’s UK visit, the US President played golf at a resort in Scotland on Saturday.

He is in the country with his wife and family on a private visit ahead of his summit with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki on Monday. Trump, whose mother was Scottish, arrived in Scotland after tea with Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle on Friday evening.

Trump’s visit has already attracted nearly 1,00,000 protesters to the heart of the city, who marched through the streets as a giant orange inflatable balloon of the US President flew over Parliament Square on Friday. Protesters and anti-Trump campaigners also gathered at George Square in Glasgow and Dundee in Scotland on Friday evening.

“He believes in nuclear war, he said so. He is not a politician but a jerk and we are unfortunate that he is in supreme power. I have bunked my work today to participate in the march. The more people, the better,” said a protester, Katrina.


While some protested against his thoughts on nuclear wars, others protested on the issue of migrants in the US.

“I think that it is very important for people to be allowed to migrate and move and I don’t think to put up borders and wars is an answer. It is very important for all of us to stand and protest against him. Americans and the British have a good relationship but it should not be on the terms Trump wants it to be,” said another protester, Dave Eldritch.
Dave Eldritch

The protests will continue with a “national demonstration” at the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh as protestors walk to the Meadows for what has been dubbed a “carnival of resistance”, which will feature another giant Trump Baby balloon. The orange angry baby inflatable image of Trump in a nappy shifted venue after it was banned by air traffic controllers at Turnberry, where the President is staying.

“He is a pervert as he said himself. Disallowing transgender people to go in the military is disregarding human rights. He is a fascist, he acts like a dictator with his power. We all have the right to choose our job, and no one can dictate us. He is against migration, Had Trump been born into a poor family and didn’t have many opportunities, I am sure he also would have wanted to move to America,” said Oscar, a demonstrator.


Environmental group Greenpeace flew a paraglider with a banner “Trump: Well Below Par” as the US President arrived at his Turnberry golf resort. A pilot-protestor flew into the no-fly zone just yards from the US President.

“It is a criminal offence to fly within the airspace restriction zone and officers are carrying out enquiries to trace the pilot,” said Mark Williams, assistant chief constable of Police Scotland.

Holding a poster comparing Trump to the Statue of Liberty, Sue Gilsom said, “His visit is costing so much money, he is going to play Golf and being given all the luxuries. I don’t want Theresa May to host his visit. I have compared statue of liberty with Trump as the statue of liberty is a very powerful image and represents seven countries and seven seas, Trump is just opposite to it he wants to isolate America.”

Sue Gilsom

Trump has often spoken of his love for Scotland and its people and had been a regular visitor to the country for many years, but this is his first trip since becoming the US President.

Trump was greeted by Scottish Secretary David Mundell, who said the visit was an “opportunity to strengthen those vital links” between the UK and the US. He is not expected to meet First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, who has been a very vocal critic of the US President.

The weekend getaway for the Trumps comes after two days comprising the “working visit”, which saw the American visitors being hosted at a black-tie dinner at Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire by British Prime Minister Theresa May, and bilateral talks between the leaders at the latter’s country retreat of Chequers.

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