How far would you go to steal a light bulb? This man exercised

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]s cost of living is getting higher day by day and salaries are going down, many resort to crimes to fulfil their needs. A man in Coimbatore went to great lengths to steal a light bulb.

At first he is seen casually standing near a sidewalk in front of a set of shops in Coimbatore’s Cheran ma Nagar in Tamil Nadu. Then, he begins stretching and exercising. This continues for a few minutes.

The second he thought no one could see him, he made his first attempt at stealing a CFL bulb by trying to loosen it. But when he saw some vehicles passing by, he pretended that he was just stretching.

Then he gained some confidence, swiftly took off the bulb, slipped it inside his pant pocket and covered it with his T-shirt.

Sadly, this hilarious act was caught on a on a shop’s CCTV camera. The video has gone viral and he has become the laughing stock of the state.