How a missing mango put a marriage on the rocks

Hisar (Haryana): A mango soured the relationship of a married couple in Hisar to such a degree that the husband threw his wife and three children out of his home and the woman almost filed a divorce case against him.

Mango consumed by kids

It so happened that the husband (name withheld to protect identity), after returning from work, asked his wife to prepare him a glass of mango shake. When the wife went to fetch the mango from the refrigerator, she found that it was already gone. The children had finished the fruit after they had returned from school in the afternoon. That was enough provocation for the husband to throw the wife and the children out of their home. The man works in a private company while the woman is a teacher.

Month-long counselling

 The woman moved to her maternal uncle’s place. After 15 days, she approached the District Protection Department (DDP) to file a domestic violence complaint. She demanded divorce and alimony from her husband. A departmental officer counselled the couple for a week. A month after the dispute started, the husband took his wife and children back into his home.

Babita Chaudhary, District Protection Officer, said that such cases are not few and far between. Many strange cases of domestic violence have been recently reported.

Not washing hands

In a village in Hansi, a woman rebuked her husband’s brother when he dipped a glass into a water camper without washing his hands. When her husband learned of the incident, he started a fight with his wife. The woman went to the DPD with a domestic violence complaint and asked for help in getting a divorce. The DPD officer helped the couple reconcile their disagreement and helped them get back together.


In another incident, a couple began having domestic disputes after the husband became infuriated with his wife’s mobile phone usage. The husband himself did not own a phone while his wife, who was fond of them, bought one secretly and after being discovered by the family, began using it openly. The woman lodged a complaint in the DPD and decide to divorce her husband. However, their dispute was settled by the DPD officials after counseling.

The DPD us receiving two such cases every day. Between January and April 2018, 226 domestic violence complaints were filed. The leading reasons were extra-marital affairs, unemployment and substance abuse.