Hoshangabad/ Itarsi’s Vivek Sagar will play as midfielder for Hockey India team in Tokyo Olympics

Itarsi: Hockey player Vivek Sagar performed very well as a midfielder in the Hockey India team that had qualified in the Tokyo Olympics. The Olympic Games will be held in Japan in July 2020. For this, India’s Men’s Hockey Team has cleared its way by defeating Russia in two consecutive matches. The matches between India and Russia were played in Odisha (Bhubaneswar) on 1 and 3 November for the Olympic qualifier round.

India beat Russia 4–2 in the first match. In the second match, Team India won by 7-1. Hockey player Vivek Sagar of Itarsi is also included in Team India. In the Olympic qualifier match, Vivek successfully scored a midfielder goal.

Will practise more for Olympics: Vivek said that in July 2020, the Olympic Games are to be held in Japan. India team has made its place in the team of 12 countries passing the qualifier round. Vivek Sagar will extend the practice by two hours in his routine to stay in the team and will improve his fitness with the best diet in the season.

India’s hockey team joins these 12 states: Qualifier matches were played between teams of 24 countries to join the Olympics. 12 teams were selected among them. These include Belgium, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Japan, Great Britain, Argentina, Netherlands, Spain. India have also joined the teams qualifying for the Olympics after defeating Russia.

Vivek of Chandon is now the best midfielder in the team: Vivek is now the best midfielder in the Indian team. He became a hockey star and comes from a small village Chandon in Itarsi. In both matches against Russia, Vivek helped in scoring goal as midfielder. Vivek continues his practice at MP Academy while studying BA in Bhopal.