Hope of making viral video dashed

Birthday plans for friend get interrupted by police

New Delhi: A group of boys were detained by the police in Andhra Pradesh’s (AP) Vijayawada after they were caught shooting a prank video dressed as ghosts to scare their friend on his birthday.

The boys had hoped that the video would go viral and help them earn money. However, the police detained them as a precautionary measure in wake of fake rumours on social media.


On Thursday midnight, during patrol the local police spotted six youngsters hanging out suspiciously on Eluru road in the Vijayawada, with two of them dressed up as ghosts — curly wigs and white clothing.

Police in Andhra Pradesh have been on high alert since a fake WhatsApp message has been disrupting the law and order. In a move to prevent any sort of chaos the police who had found the boys to be suspicious took them into custody.

Speaking to The News Minute, Machavaram Inspector Sahera said that the group had intended to make a prank video on one of the boys’ birthday and post it on social media.

“All the boys are minors, they have completed Class 10 and 12. Our patrolling team found them on the road at midnight and two of them were wearing wigs. Given the ongoing confusion over fake news, we detained them just to prevent any misunderstanding,” she said.

The boys told the police that they would get money if their video got huge views. They are currently being counselled in the Machavaram police station.

False rumours of a criminal gang kidnapping children in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh has gone viral on WhatsaApp recently. Meanwhile, the AP DGP has asked people not to believe in fake messages and has urged them to not take the law into their hands.

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