Hina Khan trolled for dancing during Ramadan

New Delhi: Television actor Hina Khan has been slammed once again for dancing during Ramzan. She posted a video where she can be seen dancing on Instagram, little did she know, that this happy video could get her in trouble.

She soon started getting hate comments on the video in which she can be seen wearing a black blouse with plunging neckline and metallic tassel sleeves.

Trolls tried to take a dig on her religious beliefs by saying, “Ramzan ka to lehaz karti tum.”

Another said: “Sab a6a h bt…ramadaan h is tym to km se km ye sab bnd krdo yr ur Muslim….be proper Muslim at least 4 a one month.”

Another one said: “Ramadan ka mahina h kuch to sharam Karo hina roze rakh nahi rahi hogi kam se kam rozo ka ehtaram hi karlo.”

Someone also commented on her figure: “What a pathetic figure!! Her figure looks so malnourished like no curves and all it’s just a skeleton, no bumps, no boobs like for what she is flaunting her figure for???”

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There were few to defend her choice: “According to profession she is doing her job and we can’t say anything to anyone and May be she could be more religious by her heart by her actions, mentality… anything might be possible so I think everybody has to go to own QABAR.. leave the people on their life.. we need to pray for whole Ummah coz Allah can change them.. nd Allah is enough,” commented a fan.

After the video Hina shared a couple of more posts on her Instagram account.

Hina had earlier been trolled for tagging a refrigerator company in her mother’s day tweet:


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