Here’s why #Sophia is trending on social media

[dropcap]A[/dropcap] Tamil Nadu-based writer and student, Lois Sophia, was arrested on Monday for shouting anti-Bharatiya Janata Party slogans at the Tuticorin airport. She was granted bail on Tuesday.

Sophia had shouted slogans aggressively, “Fascist BJP government down, down”, in a bid to harass Tamilisai Soundararajan, Tamil Nadu BJP chief, while collecting her luggage after the flight.

According to the BJP spokesperson Narayanan Tirupathi, she was also resorting to sloganeering on the flight, but Soundararajan maintained her composure.

When the plane landed, and Sophia continued with her rant, the BJP leader lost her cool and entered into an argument with Sophia, and then lodged a complaint with the authorities.

Sophia was charged with causing public nuisance under section 290 of the IPC and for causing the breach of public peace under section 75(1)(C) of the Tamil Nadu City Police Act, 1888. She was soon thereafter arrested.

Reacting to the incident, Soundararajan said, “A middle-aged lady on seeing me started raising anti-BJP slogans and even followed up to the arrival gate. Her appearance looked threatening, I feel some organisation is behind her.”

DMK chief Stalin has supported Sofia who has been arrested for raising anti-BJP slogans and has condemned the act of arresting her.

MK Stalin took to Twitter and wrote, “The anti-democratic actions of the Tamil Nadu government that is against the right to free speech are highly condemnable. She must be released immediately. If you would arrest everyone who says that, how many lakhs of people would you imprison? I will also say it. ‘BJP’s fascist government down, down’.”

Twitterati exploded with protests against Sophia’s arrest:

Some took to Twitter to label Sophia’s actions as a crime:

While many people are questioning the BJP’s logic to arrest the student, several others have listed out that with her unruly behaviour in an aircraft she broke a specific law.