‘He will lie awake in his dark cell’: Journalist’s daughter writes poem after Ram Rahim gets life in prison

Journalist Ramchandra Chhattrapati’s daughter Shreyasi teaches media law and ethical journalism at a college in Panchkula

Panchkula: The family of journalist Ramchandra Chhattrapati, who was murdered by Gurmeet Ram Rahim, were filled with tears of joy after the court sentenced the Dera chief and his aides to life imprisonment on Thursday.

Chhatrapati’s son Anshul and daughters said it was the triumph of truth. Younger daughter Shreyasi wrote on social media that she would have been happier if Ram Rahim were hanged. Shreyasi teaches media law and ethical journalism at a college in Panchkula.

Shreyasi said, “Though we were demanding capital punishment but this sentence is no less than the death sentence as he will not be able to come out of the jail for his entire life. He will be behind bars till his last breath.”

Never told students she was Chhatrapati’s daughter

Shreyasi said she often gave examples of journalist Ram Chandra Chhattrapati in class while teaching media law and ethical journalism but never told students that she was his daughter. The students were shocked after the killers were sentenced and everyone came to know about the case. “They were amazed at how I could teach them about ethical and true journalism without expressing this fact,” she said.

Shreyasi wrote a poem

After the court announced the punishment for her father’s killers, Shreyasi wrote a poem and shared it on social media. Translated in English the poem conveys the following ideas:

Now the murderer will never sleep,

No one had slept that night,

Neither had we slept sitting in our home, nor mother outside the ICU,

After that night we didn’t sleep for many days,

Waited for papa to return and then papa returned,

Wrapped in the same shroud, which he always kept with him with great passion,

And then the flowers wrapped on that shroud never let us sleep,

Those were the nights when not only us but Chhatrapati also lay awake with us and asked us not to sleep,

Papa is now sleeping peacefully while the murderer has been punished,

He will lie awake in his dark cell,

He will now remember his crime every day and then weep while being in jail.

Elder daughter congratulates brother

Chhattrapati’s elder daughter Kranti Singh congratulated her brother Anshul and wrote that Anshul’s struggle ensured justice for their father.

Chhatrapati was shot in October 2002 outside his house after his newspaper ”Poora Sach” published an anonymous letter narrating how women were being sexually exploited by Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh at the sprawling headquarters of the Dera Sacha Sauda in Sirsa.