Having raging rows with your sweetheart? Come to this Delhi hospital

New Delhi: For the first time in the country, you can get broken relationships mended in a hospital. A Crisis Intervention Unit (CIU) will be opened at the Institute of Human Behaviour and Allied Sciences (IHBAS) – a psychiatric and mental illnesses hospital – in New Delhi to help families and couples emerge from relationship crises. The CIU, approved by the Institute’s governing body, will be launched as pilot project for three months.

IHBAS has been treating patients with mental illnesses for a long time. However, this experiment with treating  relationship crises is a new and unique one for the institute. The IHBAS doctors claim that such a facility is not available anywhere else in the country.

Home-like atmosphere

Officials say that the CIU’s standard operating procedure is currently under preparation. The CIU will start operations with only a five-bed set up which will be later expanded. IHBAS doctors say that efforts will be made to provide emotional support to the patients admitted to the CIU by giving them a home-like atmosphere. The need for emotional support is most crucial when domestic conflicts or conflicts with your close ones push a relationships on the verge of breaking. The doctors say the CIU will help rescue patients from emotional crisis.

The patients admitted to the CIU will undergo mental mapping and counselling by psychologists and social workers. Psychiatrists won’t be involved. Treatment of relationships between lovers, married couples, parents and children, and mothers and daughters-in-law will be given priority in CIU.

‘Will not treat, but mend’

Dr Nimesh Desai, Director, IBHAS, said that the institute already has a psychiatric unit, where patients with very aggressive and violent tendencies are treated. People with suicidal tendencies are also admitted here. However, the work the Crisis Intervention Unit will do will be very different, he said. The CIU will help people who are not mentally ill but are in need of emotional help. Dr Desai added that the institute is already running various rehabilitation projects for mental patients.

(Story: Ashu Mishra)