Haryana: Families turn pauper chasing their own El Dorado

Babas brainwash people into believing that a huge pot of gold was buried in the earth and was slowly moving upwards!

Rewari (Haryana): Several families in three villages of Rewari and Jhajjhar districts of Haryana turned paupers, trying to acquire a pot of gold.

A gang of Babas descened on Bairampur, Tumbahedi and Bavepura villages in the district. They told the villagers that a huge pot, full of gold, was buried in a field and was slowly moving towards the surface. Gullible villagers, hoping to make a fortune, gave lakhs to the babas to conduct rituals to ensure that it is they who get to see the pot first. Two families even sold their land.

Similar rumours are rife in 5-7 km radius of Kosli area in Rewari and Jhajjar districts.

The anti-climax

A family belonging to Bairampur village in Kosli organised an elaborate ‘havan’ and other rituals. But when the pot of gold  ’emerged out of the earth’, their hopes were shattered. It contained unadulterated clay. The Babas, of course, had performed the vanishing act by then. 

The Babas duped the people of an estimated Rs 13.50 lakhs. Out of shame, the victims did not lodge a complaint with the police.

Not-so-ancient idols

During the last few years several ‘ancient’ idols were unearthed in the three villages. A Baba performed religious rituals and unearthed idols that were claimed to be 500-1000 years old.

However, Vrijanand Devkarni, Director of Gurukul Museum, Jhajjar, said the idols were not more than 30-40 years old. He favoured investigation by the police and archaeology department to find out the truth.

Kosli station house officer (SHO) Narendra Kumar said the police had not received any complaint in this regard.

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