Hapur lynching: Viral video shows mob beating man, ‘forcing’ him to confess to cow slaughter

Hapur: A new video related to Hapur lynching has gone viral on social media which purportedly shows a mob beating up a man and forcing him to confess to having slaughtered a cow.

Samayuddin (65), one of the men who were allegedly brutally assaulted by the mob after minor tiff with a man on a motorcycle, can be seen pleading to the attackers.

The mob can be heard asking him to identify others, who they alleged, slaughtered a cow.

A panting Samayuddin can be seen bleeding profusely from his head in the video aired on television channels.

Another video had rocketed the Internet following the shocking incident in Bacheda village on June 18. It showed a man with multiple injuries lying in a field.

Police had earlier said Qasim (45) was lynched following a minor tiff with a man on a motorcycle, denying reports that a mob attacked him and Samayuddin over rumours of cow slaughter.

Earlier, a photograph of Qasim being dragged by a crowd in the presence of three policemen had gone viral on social media.

The Uttar Pradesh Police had apologised on Friday over the manner in which Qasim was being handled after he was badly injured in the attack.

In Delhi, Samayuddin’s brother had alleged on Friday that the UP Police had not recorded the FIR in the manner wanted by his family.

(With inputs from PTI)