Happy Birthday Big B/ It is good if what we wish happens, it is even better if it doesn’t happen: Babuji’s teaching taught Amitabh Bachchan to live

Amitabh Bachchan turns 77 on October 11, but the superstar has no intention of celebrating his birthday with pomp and show this time. Requesting his fans to pray for his good health, Big B said- “What is it like to celebrate? It’s like a normal day. I am thankful that I am still working today.”

Big B remembers father’s teachings

  • On his birthday, Big B recalled his old days when his father and the late poet Harivansh Rai Bachchan wrote and recited a poem for him on his birthday. Recalling the old days, Big B said, “It was a family tradition. But, this tradition got a new definition when my father recited a poem on my birthday after a fatal accident that happened to me in 1984. It was like I got a new lease of life. My father broke down while reading poetry. This was the first time I had seen him break up like that.”
  • During the days of struggle, I used to sit near my Babuji. We remained silent. But I used to get very relaxed by sitting near him. One day I told him – ‘Babuji, there is a big struggle in life. Difficulties come one after the other. They just don’t stop.’ He said, ‘Son, there is life, there is a struggle, as long as there is life there is a struggle, and there will be.’ I got a teaching that filled me with determination. Since childhood, Babuji’s quotation about life struggle was – “It is good if what we wish happens, it is even better if it doesn’t happen.”
  • This sentence gave me immense power. While following this one sentence, I had lived till now and now in the life ahead this will continue to be my inspiration. He gave the second quote, “Life is a struggle.” Just now this is sentence guides me. Since then, I have started to see struggle and life together and this is the reason that now I believe that no struggle will break me. Now I like to struggle and for the same reason, life also looks good.