Half-burnt and decomposed bodies of couple found in Bhopal

Bhopal: Sensation prevailed in Gandhi Nagar locality on Wednesday afternoon after two half-burnt and decomposed bodies were spotted by a local around 100 metre away from the Narsinghgarh trisection. Police along with FSL Expert Dr Atul Gour reached the spot. After preliminary examination, Dr Gour expressed suspicion of murder, most possibly due to illicit affair. The bodies, which look like that of a man aged around 40 years and woman around 30-years old, remained unidentified.

Ruling out honour killing prima facie, the expert said that illicit affair could be the cause as the murderer tried to burn the face of both deceased to hide their identity.

Why the police suspect murder?

  • The faces of both the bodies were burnt. The woman’s face was smashed with a stone.
  • The man had severe head injury which was allegedly caused by a heavy stone found at the spot.

How cops are trying to ID bodies

  • Post-mortem report: Police are all eyes for the postmortem report.
  • Missing complaints: Police are focussing on recent missing complaints.
  • Partially burnt clothes: The man’s trouser was safe and police is using this to ascertain his identity.