Guilty trips: Here’s why you shouldn’t vacation shame coworkers

Have you ever felt guilty about taking a vacation, or made your coworkers feel guilty for taking time off? Well, you shouldn’t. It’s dangerous, and bad for both you and your company. It even has a name “work martyrdom” and one of the most troubling reasons for it is feeling guilty about taking paid time off.

Vacation is vital for good health

You wouldn’t want to make your coworkers physically ill, but by guilting them out of their vacation time, you could be contributing to some very serious health risks. The Framingham Heart Study has some frightening statistics on vacation and health. The biggest that men who failed to take a vacation for two years or more were 30 percent more likely to experience a heart attack than peers who took regular time off.

Vacation refreshes the mind and body

A vacation is to a person what a reboot is to a computer that is slow, glitchy, and taking forever to do tasks that used to be done quickly. Mental breaks recharge the mind, and improve memory, productivity, and creativity all vital in almost every job out there. You will find that although you may miss them when they are gone, your coworkers are upgraded versions of themselves when they return. And, they will be eager to dive in and get things done.

Vacation boosts organisational morale

Who wants to work in a company filled with miserable, exhausted, irritable employees? That’s what you get if you work in an environment that vacation-shames people. When you have very little to look forward to, coupled with a hectic work schedule and poor work-life balance, you’re not going to be much fun to be around. Compare that to someone who is planning to go on vacation. They are recognisably happier and more enthusiastic, because they are looking forward to doing something fun. For those weeks, they bring a sunny disposition with them to work. You will get a lift from their energy, instead of being dragged down by morale that’s in the gutter.