Guess who are friends again? Salman Khan makes surprise entry at Priyanka Chopra’s reception

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]alman Khan was the surprise guest at Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra’s wedding reception on Thursday. The superstar surprised everyone by attending Priyanka’s wedding, thereby signalling an end of the cold war that had been brewing between him and Priyanka ever since the actress walked out of Bharat at the last moment.

“No one was expecting Salman to come. By around 10 pm, when his car drove inside the hotel, everyone, including photographers, looked surprised for there was no prior intimation. Salman was soon ushered inside and Priyanka formally introduced Salman to Nick as the biggest superstar of Bollywood. Priyanka couldn’t stop smiling all the while and made sure Salman wasn’t left unattended for the entire one hour that he was inside. Priyanka and Nick stayed inside with Salman till he was there and stepped out for a photo op only after Salman left,” a source said.

Sources indicate that Arpita played peacemaker between Salman and Priyanka. “Arpita told Salman that Priyanka had no option but to drop out of Bharat owing to her sudden wedding and it was not due to her concerns with the script as was being speculated.”