Fans confused after Gucci releases new ‘distressed’ look Rs 63,000 sneakers

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]ove over clean, shiny, white, just out the box sneakers as Gucci’s new collection of ‘dirty and distressed’ sneakers are all set to take over every body’s feet now – provided we all agree to trade our soul to buy it!

In a recently launched campaign, Gucci inaugurated its collection of ‘scuffed, dirty and vintage sportswear-inspired’ sneakers. Even though they cost $870 (Rs 63,258), they look just like how our sport shoes looked after sports period in school.

Available in four different designs and three colourways, the company called the shoes ‘a pastiche of different influences that span across decades.’ These luxurious shoes are part of the brands Cruise 2019 collection and are inspired by classic trainers from the 70s.

It also has some amazing features like treated vintage, distressed effect (so that you won’t have to worry about washing your shoes. EVER!), oval enameled metal Gucci logo and a Gucci vintage logo (so that people know it’s fashion and not just some dirty pair of shoe).

Even twitter had some funny reactions to the shoe collection. Check it out:

Well, this is not the first time that ‘ugly’ footwear with exorbitant prices have left fans amused. How much would you pay for a flip-flop in Delhi? Maximum Rs 500. Okay, now let’s add a brand name to it. How much can that cost? Rs 5,000? Rs 10,000? Sorry, you got it wrong. Rs 45,000.

Recently, Valentino, in collaboration with Havaianas brand, launched a pair of luxurious flip-flops aka chappals and priced it at a whopping cost of Rs 45,393.97. Well, this week they dropped the prices by Rs 10,000 and now it costs ‘just’ Rs 35,225.58. The website also charges an import fee deposit of Rs 766 to deliver the chappals.

Available on sale on Amazon and limited to only 3 units per customer (as if someone’s going to buy more than one), this fancy pair of chappals is only available for men.

The website also offers EMI (for those who dream of having high-class flip-flops but with zero bank balance) which starts at Rs 1,658.

It also has some amazing features like army camouflage rubber sole, fuchsia rubber straps and everything you need for a luxurious walk on a remote beach, as told on the website. If you are still not convinced that this is the product of a lifetime, the product also has some amazing reviews to validate its mind-blowing price. Read the reviews below: