Great sage Dadhichi’s story to inspire people for organ donation in Rajasthan

Udaipur (Rajasthan): The Rajasthan government will inspire people for body donation by narrating the story of great sage Dadhichi who donated his bones to Lord Indra, so that he could make the Vajrayudha to kill the demon Vritrasura. For this posters would be put up at a number of places in the cities. The state’s Medical Education Department has issued orders in this regard.

Mass prayer programmes would be organised in colleges and hospitals on September 6 on the occasion of Maharshi Dadhichi Jayanti. The story of Dadhichi would be told to family members of selected patients so that they may understand the importance of body donation.

613 people have donated body in state

Only 613 people have donated their bodies in the state so far. About 300 such people have registered on who need kidney or other body part. When studying to become a doctor, medical students require a human body to understand the parts of the body and how they work. One human body is required for every 10 students. But people do not donate body and so there is acute shortage of bodies.

Human body can be preserved for up to two years

Medicos can study human body for two years. The body is kept in formalin solution to keep it preserved. The structure of the both sides of human body is exactly the same. So half of the human body is used in the first year and the other half in the second year.

Dadhichi donated his body to save the heaven

Dadhichi is a central character in Hinduism. Dadhichi is primarily known for sacrificing his life so the Devas could make the weapon called “vajra” from his bones. After being driven out from Svarga, or heaven, by the serpent king Vritra, the Devas needed a powerful weapon to aid their fight. By making use of the vajra, made from the sage Dadhichi’s bones, the Devas defeated the Asura and reclaimed heaven.