Govt to impose ruinous penalties on pharma companies producing sub-standard drugs

New Delhi: The Union government has decided to crack the whip on pharmaceutical companies producing sub-standard drugs. The government will soon amend the Drugs and Cosmetics Act to provide for a fine equivalent to the price of the entire batch of a medicine, if even one tablet is found sub-standard.

Typically, one batch includes lakhs of strips of a drug, which means that the fine would be ruinous for the manufacturer.

Act to be amended

The proposal has been cleared by the Central Drugs Control Organisation (CDSCO) and has been sent to the Health Ministry for its approval. Once the proposal is cleared, the Act would be amended.

According to the proposal drafted by the Drugs Technical Advisory Board (DTAB), the drugs would be tested on 40 parameters. If a drug is found sub-standard or adulterated the fine would be imposed. It would also be imposed if the tablet or the cap of the bottle (in case of syrups) is found broken.

(Story: Pavan Kumar)