Govt healthcare scheme turns money-spinner for pvt hospitals; patients being misdiagnosed to cook up bills

Corruption in Bhamashah Yojana; collusion of government officials suspected

Jaipur: The Bhamashah Free Health Scheme launched by the Rajasthan government, under which the government foots the bill of treatment of patients belonging to lower income groups in private hospitals, seems to have become a money-spinner for private medicare facilities. There are many cases of patients complaining that private hospitals are misdiagnosing them with a condition or a disease they don’t have.

Minimal penalty

When Bhaskar began an investigation, it came to light that bills are being cooked up. The officials are aware of the goings-on but hardly take any action. The provision is that an FIR should be lodged against hospitals indulging in such malpractices and heavy monetary penalty should be imposed on them. But in most of the cases, the only action taken is delisting the hospital from the approved panel.

Stones? Where are they?

Bhaskar probed one such case at RAG Hospital in Jaipur. Santosh Devi and Sanjya Devi were admitted to hospital on July 4. Both were told that they had stones in their stomach. The hospital, on July 4 itself, generated a report and sent it to the insurance company. The company granted its approval on July 5. Before the operation, which was scheduled for July 6, an investigation team reached the hospital and collected information on the treatment of the two women. When the women explained their symptoms, the team, which included medical specialists, felt that they could not be suffering from the problem they had been diagnosed with. An X-Ray test was done on Santosh Devi, and no stones were detected. The hospital patient record, on the other hand, said that there was a 24 mm stone in the right side of the stomach. Similarly, it was revealed that Sanjya Devi too did not have stones.

Woman has prostrate gland!

The hospital had submitted a report prepared by Rajat Diagnostic Centre. When Bhaskar and the investigation team reached the Centre, it was found that the the report was not made by them. It is possible that the hospital has letter pads of the diagnostic centre or the diagnostic centre itself prepared the false report for the hospital.

The hospital was in such tearing hurry for performing the surgery that its report even claimed that the Santoshi Devi has prostrate gland – this, when only men have that organ.

‘Don’t know anything’

Dr AK Singh, Director, RAG Hospital said that the hospital had carried out a sonography on a woman but no stone was detected and she was not admitted to the hospital. He said that he is not in know if the case was under Bhamashah scheme. He added that he does not know the name of the woman.

‘It is not my job’

Naveen Jain, Director, NHM said that he has not received any complaints in this regard yet and said that he cannot say anything in the matter. He added that the company is responsible for imposing penalties and removing hospitals from the panel and carry out investigative action in case it suspects some foul play.

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