‘Goons are keeping my daughters away from school,’ sobbing father tells cop

Indore (Madhya Pradesh): Here goes the written statement of Pandit Ayodhya Prasad Pandey, a resident of Dwarkapuri in Indore to Vahini Singh, additional superintendent of police. South Zone-2 of the city on Monday:

Madam, I have a complaint against the area’s goons Ballu Dhobi, Sujeet Lodhi and their 10-12 gang members. They have made the life of my family hell. Whenever we leave the house, we have to make sure we lock the children in. My daughters can no longer go to school. They throw pornographic pictures into my house and send kids over with obscene notes. My daughters are so distressed that they are now scared of even leaving the house. They stopped my son on the street and put a knife to his neck. They pressured him into smoking marijuana. They say that if I complain to the police, they will kill me. During the night, they circle around our house on their bikes and do not let us sleep. We went to Dwarkapuri police with a complaint, but nothing happened.

PS in-charge was out seeing a match

Ayodhya Prasad told the ASP that the first time, the police station staff told him that the station in-charge was out seeing a match, the second time he was told that the in-charge was on a night patrol. “When we went a third time, we told to come again some time”, he said, breaking into tears

‘Elderly man cannot take on goons’

ASP Vahini Singh, after going through Ayodhya Prasad’s statement, instructed Dwarkapuri TI Devendra Kumar to take strict action against the accused. At the same time, Sandeep Joshi, former president of Brahmin Samaj, and his colleagues handed over a memorandum to the police regarding Pandey’s troubles. It said that an elderly man cannot take on 10-12 goons. Their children should be given security and strict action should be taken against the goons.

Case filed against five; two arrested

On the instruction of the ASP, Annapurna CSP SKS Tomar recorded the statement of Ayodhya Prasad’s eldest daughter. A case was registered against Ballu Verma, Sujit Verma, Kallu Solanki, Pranjal Sharma and Manish for eve teasing, harassment, and intimidation. Two of the accused – Ballu and Sujeet – were promptly arrested. The police are on the lookout for the other accused.